Yellow Sun For My Sunshine

Taking photos for every new parent seems mandatory. Or automatic. I’ve never used my phone more than when my son first came to our lives. And now that we have our baby girl, I’m clicking away with every smile, new outfit or cute pose that she does.

My sweet baby sunshine

My sweet baby sunshine

I know some parent would be more than willing to spend on professional photos too as these early years are so precious. But for a budget-conscious mom like me, it was important that I got to share photos which I knew I couldn’t take any better and the cost wouldn’t break the bank.

So, it’s really a great thing that a good friend of ours is a very good photographer, who owns a photo studio that caters to maternity and newborn photo shoots, and Β an awesome mom to her three kids! That makes all the difference because that means she knows how to catch good moments, and has the patience required to work with kids πŸ™‚

So, I asked to visit her studio, The Yellow Sun Studio, for some newborn shots.Β And we totally loved the experience!

She can pose!

She can pose!

They really take nice shots :)

They really take nice shots πŸ™‚









Her studio is in the northern side of town. Located in a nondescript building in Kamias, Quezon City, the studio is a bright sunny yellow at the far end of the third floor. Upon entering, I appreciated that it’s not in a mall or in a busy part of town, as we had the whole studio to ourselves (they schedule by appointment), and they have toys for kids to play with while waiting so my older son never got bored while we prepped baby sis.


Lea Arsenal, the owner and chief photographer, is amazing with kids and very considerate with time (she opens three hours of her schedule for each client) and forgiving of her very young subjects (my daughter left something undesirable on her rug. Sorry!)

She has a whole array of props and she and her assistants are very adept at getting my baby’s attention. We were able to get two layouts done before my baby started to cry out of sleepiness. After that, we were able to squeeze in a few family shots.


She had me choose 25 shots out of the many to be cleaned-up and included in our package. Then, another three more to be framed.

Waah! I'm so tabachuy. But it's okay, my family looks beautiful haha :P

Waah! I’m so tabachuy. But it’s okay, my family looks beautiful haha πŸ˜›

Take a look at the photos. They’ve captured what’s closest to my heart beautifully.

Captured my boys perfectly. This is really how they are together :)

Captured my boys perfectly. This is really how they are together πŸ™‚

Apart from the very personal and professional service, what I also love is the price. Their packages are very affordable, but the turnout–amazing!

A tribute to our breastfeeding journey

A tribute to our breastfeeding journey

I feel like this is a best-kept secret in the north, which is why I’m eager to share! And I’m super excited to hang these photos up on our walls. The Yellow Sun Studio is love!

Love captured

Love captured

We were offered to try out their services in exchange for a write-up. And since it was a very positive experience for us, here is a positive review. Let the photos speak for themselves! Thank you, Yellow Sun Studio!