Everyday is a frenzy, distractions are too many, traffic is horrible, and life is moving too fast.

Surely, there’s got to be more to life than just beating deadlines and paying the bills.

And indeed, I’ve discovered the one thing that makes all the difference for me: PURPOSE.

Lately, I’ve been finding out that there’s more joy, inspiration and motivation when I know exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing (or why I’m not). As I got to know my “Purpose-Giver”, life has been simpler, infinitely more joyful at ang sarap lang. Even mistakes and disappointments find better meaning than simply being regrets. Instead of just following conventions, I’m relishing being intentional about every detail of my life.

I’m Niña Chua-Cabardo, a wife to a filmmaker/musician, a mom to a four-year old drummer Jedi, and pregnant with my little girl. I’m also a video producer, managing a video production company with my husband. We are also homeschoolers and work-from-home parents. Our little family loves doing practically everything together—and our lifestyle and home are work-life-integrated such that where we live is also where we work, study, play and create. God is good!

Happy family photo