The Year(s) That Was: Our BookShark Review

Teacher’s binder

We started with BookShark, a complete literature-based curriculum set Level K (with Level 2 for Language Arts, as my son was advanced in that subject) October 2017. My son just turned six then. Now, we are nearing completion—week 30 of 36 weeks of the complete, open-and-go curriculum set. I know you’re probably wondering: Why are you guys taking sooo long?

Well, even though BookShark has this amazing four-day-a-week schedule all planned out for us (definitely one of its plusses), we still did NOT follow it. Not to the letter at least. We liked taking our time with a subject, especially if it’s something we enjoy. A good history lesson or a discussion on the savannah might have led us down into the rabbit hole and down we go! Not to mention, we got pregnant, gave birth and had a new baby mid-2018 so we sort of took full advantage of homeschool’s biggest perk at that time–flexibility. In other words, a four-day/one-week lesson plan (on all subjects) sometimes took us close to two weeks to complete. I wasn’t really bothered by it. I wanted my son to enjoy the lesson and have a lot of opportunity to do additional research should he want to with the stories or lesson. One time, we read Pompeii and we proceeded to research about it, watched a video on it and he went to make a handmade book about it. We indulged in three full days for that, alongside other subjects.

An overview of the week’s lessons for Science

I’ve tried several curricula over the years (we started early with Before Five in a Row when my son was two, and we absolutely loved it!), and I am very, very glad we got to use BookShark. For quite some time, I was yearning to try Sonlight with my son. A literature-based approach has always appealed to me. If nothing else, I feel like I could just cuddle with my children and read with them, and we can call that an accomplished and well-spent homeschool day.

When we enrolled with a charter public school late 2017, I found out that funds can only be used for secular resources, which was completely fine. I’m grateful for the support, and I knew there were a LOT of homeschool resources anyway. That’s when I discovered BookShark, a secular version of Sonlight. They’re from the same company after all. So, without hesitation, I did the self-assessment for my son and ordered a full set that covered Language Arts, Science, History, Social Studies, Math, and Handwriting.

An overview of the week’s lessons for History

Now, let me tell you. BookShark Box Day is one of the most exciting things we have experienced as a homeschooling family. TONS of books in one big box right at your doorstep! My son couldn’t wait to tear down the box! But, I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed too. And perhaps that paved the way for me in a sense.

I fully appreciated BookShark’s  full, robust materials that we were devouring day after day. It was very appropriate for my self-proclaimed nerd son. As for me, I was armed with a thick binder that gave me directions on what to cover day after day, subject after subject. All I needed were to pull the accompanying books from shelf, and A LOT of dedicated time. That one was where I was lacking a bit to fully enjoy the curriculum, because I had two younger ones to look after.

Our “set for the week”. We put the materials we will use for the week aside, ready for pull-out everyday.

With BookShark, there were a lot that had to be covered on a daily basis. And though

Some of our barely-used materials. I plan on using them this year even if we will be using a different curriculum.

BookShark says you don’t have to do all everyday, as it was meant to be a “feast” to choose from, I get the feeling that we are missing out. There were some books and some materials that we barely opened, simply because we didn’t have enough time. And we already do a total of about three hours per day versus the recommended two and a half for my son’s level. I feel like there was such a waste of good material. Not to mention, it’s a pricey set! The whole K package cost over $700!

The materials included are exciting and packed to the brim, but can be overwhelming. If you’re a checklist type of mom, someone who enjoys ticking off boxes, well this curriculum can either satisfy you or drive you nuts. My advice is to take that need with a grain of salt. There’s just a lot, and I had to take the opportunity to learn to live with unchecked boxes (gulp).

However, as we jumped from one subject to another, I was taken with the fact that because precisely because were jumping (because again, there’s a lot of materials to be covered), I felt like nothing much resonates. Especially in the Language Arts area, where I expected us to learn from stories and really delve deeper, I felt like we just read it, enjoyed it while we were doing so, then forgot about it.

Now, I have to tell you that we came from Five in a Row. We used that curriculum for about three years so we have gotten used to stories that are poignant, striking, or simply unforgettable. Stories that have layers upon meaningful layers of values, and unique plots. We were used to going deeper into each one too as this was the method of the curriculum—to read and discuss it five days in a row.

Perhaps it is unfair to be doing a review of BookShark whilst comparing it with another curriculum. But this was the reason why we opted for BookShark—to enjoy another literature-based curriculum, which also had a complete curriculum for Math, Science, History and other subjects. In other words, I wanted a ‘Five in a Row’, but more complete and well-rounded. While I did get so much “more” with BookShark in terms of its coverage and materials, I felt that it steered us away from my son’s interests a bit. Don’t get me wrong. We did enjoy most of the materials included and he does have some book favorites among the selection. But going through BookShark took up a lot of our time, and because of the sheer volume of materials, we couldn’t allow ourselves the pleasure of going through in-depth research or even just leisurely enjoying one book and asking and finding questions as much as we would have liked. We did allow ourselves to do that several times, which is also why we took so long. But it did make me feel a bit guilty when I looked at the teacher’s binder and saw that nothing got checked that day, because we indulged in a unit study or one book.

A week of Language Arts lessons

It may be a personality thing or a family culture thing. It’s certainly no fault of BookShark’s. It did deliver where it said it would. Perhaps I would recommend it to include more heartfelt stories, but other than that, I think it’s definitely one of the best open-and-go boxed curriculum sets out there.

We assess our homeschool year per year. And this year, we covered a lot, thanks to BookShark. But, I felt led towards a more focused learning at this point in our homeschool journey. My son has been asking for a more in-depth study of marine biology, zoology, nature studies, and Greek mythology. I, too have been yearning to read more with him and have this tugging in my heart to keep things simpler and more purposeful.

So with that in mind, I decided to plan our homeschool year per subject. It’s very scary, to be sure. It’s easier to just order one complete curriculum set. But the call is different this year. So, I’m right in the middle of planning now. I will post what we have put together when it’s ready.

Before I finish this year, I would like to say thank you to BookShark for your materials were what we needed at that point in our learning journey. We enjoyed your stories and I appreciated having everything laid out for me as a teacher. Maybe some day, when the call is there, we will go back to you again. Thanks and hope you can bless other homeschooling families as you have blessed ours!



  • Robust, meaty and comprehensive
  • Lots of books!
  • Open-and-go


  • Overwhelming amount of materials
  • Needs a lot of time to implement
  • Pricey

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