How This Preggy Momma Beats the Heat

With temperatures reaching 40 degrees in Metro Manila, coupled with the heated discussions over the upcoming National Elections, I’d say, it’s just been an ultra-hot several weeks, to say the least! Oh, and by the way, I’m nine months pregnant. So, I’m waddling, and my body temperature has increased from usual and I’m heavier by 46 pounds. Gaaah!

The reasons I’m not (always) cranky are: My husband and my Thermos insulated bottle. The former lets me turn on the AC whenever I feel too hot (even if we’ve had it on the whole night), drives me around and drops me off at the most convenient and covered entrance wherever it is we’re going, and encourages me to rest as much as possible, even during shoot days. I just follow when they’re done so I can regroup with our team (praise God for the love of my life!). The latter is a Thermos Travel/Office Tumbler that I carry around with me so I can have my ice cold water anytime. ThermosIt’s insulated (keeps my drink cold for 12 hours), has a wide mouth to fit ice cubes and is slim and light (though it carries 500 mL of liquid) so it fits in my bag. It’s pretty durable, too as I dropped it accidentally on the floor and nothing happened to it at all. The only downside is that it’s expensive. P1600 for a water bottle! Now, I wouldn’t normally spend this much on such a seemingly trivial thing, but making baon our own water has always been my thing to save on costs when we’re outside. Buying bottled water every now and then, and other drinks can add up pretty quickly when we’re outside and with the amount of water I drink (I drink a lot!), and the constant need to keep hydrated as per my midwife, I figured it’s worth the investment.


My Thermos fits inside my bag

So, I carry my Thermos with me everywhere and I keep on sipping ice-cold water wherever I am. My four-year old son noticed and started drinking from my bottle often, too. Which is good because he’s prone to have dry lips–I think he forgets to drink water and I tend to keep on reminding him. He loved drinking my ice-cold water so, I decided to buy an insulated bottle for him also. But I chose a smaller one so it fits in his small backpack. Anyway, we can always refill it even when we’re outside (just go to a restaurant and ask if they have complimentary filtered water–most do!). I just make sure I fill it up with ice cubes before we go. I found a good-sized one for him–a 350 mL Lock & Lock Heroes tumbler that is insulated too and is cheaper! Bought it for a discounted price of P899 in Lock & Lock, Shangri-La. It has a cute nuts and bolts design and the bottle is slim enough to fit in my son’s little hands. He likes filling it up himself and keeping it in his table so now, he’s drinking water all the time.  LnL Heroes

Drinking from his bottle the whole day minimizes glasses to wash

Drinking from his bottle the whole day minimizes glasses to wash.

My husband has his trusty Lock & Lock Mountain Canteen that carries 1.1 Liters of water! The bottle itself is not insulated, but it comes with an insulated beltbag which he attaches around his waist so his ice-water stays cold for several hours. He used this on an outdoor shoot once and his frozen water stayed cold from dawn until pack-up time in the evening. We bought this for over P700 years ago at Lock & Lock, Shangri-La.

This is our bottle for shoots, long drives or if we opt to take just one bottle for the three of us

This is our bottle for shoots, long drives or if we opt to take just one bottle for the three of us

We all have our beat-the-heat stories and this preggy Momma is happy to share hers. After all, nothing can beat the sweltering heat with good ol’ ice-cold water, anytime, all the time! Haha. Pang-commercial 🙂 Keep cool, Mommas, Kiddos and Daddies!

*This is not a paid post. The writer just wanted to share her joy over her super-useful and sulit insulated bottles because guys…ang init!

How We Used Star Wars As A Homeschool Lesson

One of the great things we enjoy about homeschooling is the flexibility to make a lesson out of anything. And by anything, I mean, any topic that my son latches on.

Since December of last year, after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, my son has been enamored with Star Wars. His dad was a huge influence as he encouraged it and we watched the seven episodes together. My husband’s family loves the franchise and it was easy for him to get fascinated with it.

Incidentally, our homeschool was also progressing very slowly, with the new pregnancy and a busy season at work. Admittedly, there were many instances when we had to let Star Wars do babysitting for us—plop him down in front of the movie in the room, and we enjoyed at least two hours of quiet time.

But, praise God, our son Gabbie translated what he watched into many handmade storybooks, which enhanced his writing. And we bought him a Star Wars book which he read constantly. That, in turn, enhanced his reading skills.

A good investment from National Book Store. Just a bit over P500.

A good investment from National Book Store. Just a bit over P500.

Perhaps nowhere is Star Wars more beneficial to us than in developing our son’s character. When he began expressing his interest in the Dark Side’s Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, we discouraged him at first (because, you know, they’re the bad guys!). But after conceding to his increasing interest, we thought why not just teach him through it? So, his dad taught him that we can pray for people and that’s just what we’ve done with Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. Once, I heard him talk to his action figure Kylo Ren telling him that it’s not good to be a bad guy, and then he asked me to pray for Kylo Ren. And so we did.

Snuggling with Kylo Ren

Snuggling with Kylo Ren

So now, we “teach” Kylo Ren who “lives with us” to show respect and obey. It’s so much fun watching him “discipline” Kylo Ren as he plays with him.

Apart from the character lessons, we’ve also ventured into other learnings that naturally just sprung up from his love for Star Wars:




  • Making books – Staple several pieces of white paper into a nice colored one and let him tell the story many different times over. He has given me different characters, episodes and endings. Sometimes, we do it together. He writes while I illustrate, or vice versa (we both get credit on the cover). Through this, he has explored and extended his imagination, and we’ve expanded his vocabulary, spelling skills, and I taught him how to write the proper way—starting with a capital letter, and then the rest in small letter and ending with a period.

    Some of Gabbie's handmade books

    Some of Gabbie’s handmade books

  • Using colors to express the scenario – Although we started learning about this skill through our lessons with Five in a Row, we used it also with his handmade books. If it’s a fighting scene, he uses blacks and grays. If it’s a happier scene, he uses brighter colors.


  • Role-Playing – Thank God for my mom who so generously, and creatively made him a brown Jedi robe (a sewing machine really comes in handy!), and his Daddy who bought (and made) him a light saber, he regularly engages in role-playing.Sometimes, he’s a Jedi, sometimes he’s Kylo Ren, or Darth Vader (but we always remind him to be respectful). He gets plenty of exercise with his Light Saber pretend fights, too. He has also expanded his role-playing to “making movies”. He pretends to be the actor and we watch him as he “acts out” the movie.
  • Writing and Thinking as Inspired by Star Wars – We downloaded some free worksheets to get inspired on our thinking skills. We answered questions like, “If you were to change anything in the movie, what would it be?”
Daddy is so cool he can MAKE Light Sabers!

Daddy is so cool he can MAKE Light Sabers!

Because of this, I’ve been inspired to get crafty and I attempted to make him a light saber, out of toilet paper rolls.

Not very strong, it lasted just for a day with his intense sword-fighting. His dad made one, too made of cartolina and duct tape. It turned out much, much better!

I’m writing this because I truly did not expect to homeschool with Star Wars. But, knowing how homeschooling and unschooling works, it’s really no surprise. Homeschooling is a wonder because it stems from a respect of natural interests and time spent with parents, and not necessarily on a parent’s teaching skills (my handmade Light Saber was so poor, I could not bear to post a photo haha) That’s a recipe for enjoyable and significant learning in my book.

We love homeschooling and the time we spend together as a family. Star Wars turns out to be quite a goldmine of worthwhile lessons to explore together!

Reading with his Kylo Ren mask on

Reading with his Kylo Ren mask on