Gettin’ On With My Purpose

I put up this blog because like many wives and moms, I got a lot on my plate. I produce videos with my husband, I’m trying to parent a four-year old as gracefully as I can (read: less Monster Momma moments), currently itching to improve our kitchen and study areas (nesting!), and I’m eight months pregnant.

Actually, let me rephrase my first statement: I put up this blog because I’m trying to balance and enjoy all of what’s on my plate right this very moment.

Just this afternoon, I was setting up this blog, writing my first article, an AVP script, and doing my best not to lose my patience with my son who was incessantly asking for scotch tape (for his little project–a birthday gift he was trying to wrap all by himself). There was no “relishing-mommyhood” moment right there; I was just stressed to the bone! Leading me to question if I was right in putting up this blog. And my answer is yes! All the more I should. Because I know I’m not the first or only Mommy to experience this crazy balancing act.

So after a refreshing shower, a quick rant to my husband (thank God he allowed me this quick indulgence), and a heartfelt talk with my son (I apologized to him for being angry), I realized I have to take stewardship of my to-do’s because they’re more than just commitments. They’re my gifts, my  personal passion “projects”, my “purpose-aligners”.

You see, in this season of my life, I’m made to be a wife, my husband’s ultimate lover and helper, which also translates to helping him produce films and videos. I’m created to be my son’s mommy and teacher, and my little girl’s caretaker (from womb onwards). I’m compelled to take care of my home. And as I’m called to be a video producer, I’m also cut out to be a writer. All these put together will help me fulfill God’s purposes for me on earth. All these I feel spurred on to do because God. My Provider is also my Purpose-Giver.

So, in honor and in thanks to my God, here goes my efforts in trying to manage all my life’s gifts. But more than that, I’m determined to enjoy them. Oh yes, through all the joy-stealers: Stress, pressure, fear. I’m not going to back down.

My "Purpose-Reminders" :)

My “Purpose-Reminders” 🙂

As if in response, my husband offered to take our son with him tomorrow as he runs his errands. Oh God, bless him! I’ll need that afternoon to find my footing–plan my schedule, to-do’s and finish some writing.

Tomorrow is a brand-new day and I can’t wait to start it. Goodnight, from one busy Momma to another!


2 thoughts on “Gettin’ On With My Purpose

  1. Diane Gabriel says:

    “But more than that, I’m determined to enjoy them. Oh yes, through all the joy-stealers: Stress, pressure, fear. I’m not going to back down” — I love this, beautifully said! Too often I also get overwhelmed by these joy-stealers! Often they seem to go hand in hand no? The pressure and yet freedom of homeschooling, the stress and joy of being a sahm, etc etc — you are so right, we just need to be reminded of our purpose and bask in the grace given by God to enjoy all of His blessings despite any circumstances 🙂

    • admin says:

      When things get overwhelming, we can run away with our emotions. I’m too familiar with that. Yet time and again, the reminder is the same: Put things in perspective. These are GIFTS, and we are more than enabled to take care of them, to enjoy them. This article is as much a reminder to me than to anyone else 🙂 Thanks for reading, Diane!

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